In Memoriam
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Class of 1969

Those marked with In Memoriam are no longer with us.

We don't have current contact information for those marked with I can't be found. If you have an address, phone number or email address for any of those people, please email us.

Abbott Buescher, Carol
Abuzeide Randall, Vicki
Affolter, Bill
Alton Parker, Deborah I can't be found
Ameis, Tim
Anderson, Chris
Bailey, Pat In Memoriam
Bean, Marshall
Beike, Bob
Bell, Don In Memoriam
Benavides, Bob I can't be found
Blackwell, Doris I can't be found
Bonskowski Cowick, Pat
Bowen Esserman, Marilyn
Braun Bunch, Sheila
Bridwell Ayres, Pat
Brotherton Sparr, Penny
Browning Ganz, Rosemary
Bryan Bunting, Barbara I can't be found
Buechel, Pat I can't be found
Burns Read, Debbie
Casey Ladley, Debby
Carlyon, Alan
Cheng, Victor I can't be found
Cochran Gluck, Gerri
Coleman, Randy
Collins, Gary
Collins, Mike
Creason, Craig
Creighton Glogovac, Janet
Crosby, Sandy I can't be found
Cucchi Sparks, Suzi
Currat Statler, Debbie
Davis, Diane I can't be found
Davis, Elaine In Memoriam
Donohue Schmidt, Carolyn
Dowley, Bill
Drexler, Bob
Dugger, Melvin
Dunn, Rick
Easterly, Mike
Ehll, Charlene
Evrard Ellis, Gail Diane
Farley, Don In Memoriam
Ferber, Linda
Fitzgerald, Karen I can't be found
Fitzpatrick, Kathy I can't be found
Forbes, Mary Alice
Foreman, Elizabeth I can't be found
Fowler Grabowski, Leslie
Frahm Bohrer, Suzanne
Fuller Lewis, Julia I can't be found
Garrett, Gene
Gates, Bill
Gluck, Bill
Greb Moellering, Janice
Green, Joe
Hall, Mark
Hall, Roland
Handing, Harry
Harding Oberkfell, Rita
Hardy Borger, Lauren
Harmon, Jerry
Harmon, Tom

Havey, Luke
Heald Laux, Brenda
Hilderbrand, Gail I can't be found
Hitchens Thomas, Sandy
Hochstatter, Dale In Memoriam
Huff, Paul
Hummert, John In Memoriam
Jefferson, John I can't be found
Jonas Heitzer, Susan
Jones Novotny, Carolyn
Jones Hamner, Holly
Jones, Louis I can't be found
Jungers O'Brien, Mary Lou
Kennah Stueck, Christa
Kern, Sharon In Memoriam
Kerper, Sue In Memoriam
Kiger, Stephen
Kilburn Null, Rhonda
Killion, Diavonna I can't be found
King McCandless, Don
Kramer, Pat
Kremer, Mike I can't be found
Kukay, Peter
Kusnierkiewicz, Andy In Memoriam
Lane, Dave In Memoriam
Laux, Jay
Laux, Mary I can't be found
Livingston, Charles I can't be found
Long, Dave In Memoriam
Lorah Simmons, Mary Ann
Lore Beye, Liz
Love, Jackie I can't be found
Lyles, Eugene
Manestar, Bob
Mason, Robert I can't be found
Mattingly Andrews, Judy
Mauzy Roberts, Mary I can't be found
May, Chris I can't be found
McCulloch, Bill
McFarland Davis, Leona I can't be found
McGowan, Glenn
McMillian, Bill In Memoriam
McMullen, Ken
Miller, Doris In Memoriam
Miller, Gayle
Miller, Peggy
Miskel, Larry
Moeser Decker, Debbie
Myers, Ron
Myers, Tom In Memoriam
Nokes, Keith
Novak Price, Margie
O'Connor, Peggy In Memoriam
O'Donnell, Kathleen
Ogle, Jerry In Memoriam
O'Laughlin Willard, Patti
O'Neill Powell, Katy
O'Neill Grapperhaus, Sandy
O'Sullivan, Tim In Memoriam
Papanicolaou, Ted
Parks, Lester
Patterson, Bob
Pelts, Dan


Potterfield, Jim
Primm, Charon I can't be found
Proemsey, Tim In Memoriam
Proemsey, Tom
Provinse, Shirley In Memoriam
Renna, Jim
Renna, John
Reyland Greeling, Mary
Ritcher Kahmann, Debbie
Rivers, Jeri In Memoriam
Rollhaus, Linda In Memoriam
Rossomanno Babbitt, Vicki
Russell, Greg I can't be found
Sabatino, Tony
Sagitto McBride, Janet
Schoenberger Revelle, Pat
Schwartztrauber, John
Shives, Jan I can't be found
Simmons, Ed
Simonis Driscoll, Cecilia In Memoriam
Simpson, Elaine In Memoriam
Smith, Bruce I can't be found
Steger, Steve In Memoriam
Stevens Raines, Brenda
Straughn, John
Summers, Carole I can't be found
Taylor, Ed
Taylor, Portia In Memoriam
Tessereau, Sandy
Thames Jenkins, Gwen I can't be found
Thompson Clark, Linda P.
Thompson, Lynda S. I can't be found
Thompson, Ray
Timanus Walters, Mary
Toal, Tim
Todd, Carol I can't be found
Todd, David
Toombs, Steve In Memoriam
Townsend Minks, Linda
Ulrich, Donna I can't be found
Vincent Steger, Jan I can't be found
Voss, John I can't be found
Ward, Faye I can't be found
Ward, Raymond I can't be found
Warren Butler, Arlene
Weaver, Mike
Wheeler Aaten, Donna
White Helfrich, Judy
Whitney, Dave
Williams, Penny
Williams, Ralph I can't be found
Willis, Reggie I can't be found
Wilson, Leslie I can't be found
Wilson, Roosevelt I can't be found
Wiss McDaniel, Jean
Wolff, Bob In Memoriam
Woodside, Claud In Memoriam
Woodside, Nora
Workes, Dennis In Memoriam
Wren, Mike
Yelton Perdue, Pam In Memoriam
Zdazinsky, Chuck
Zubcic Schwartztrauber, Diana